Sorry I've been a little late in writing posts this week.  I'm hoping to get back in the groove in a week or so.  It's just, we've have 100 college students out here having a BLAST learning about how to do camp–KIVU style.  This year I've been made aware that the term "summer camp" kind of holds the same meaning across all camp locations in the country.  WOAH…was I in for an education.

There are so many great places where teens can go for retreat in the summer, and I encourage you to take the time to investigate the summer programs where you're either going, or sending your kids.  I get phone calls all the time from parents asking questions like,

"How do we get there?"
"Where is the packing list?"
"What is a daily schedule like?"
"Who will be mentoring my student?"

And it's awesome.  Parents who take the time to sit down and be engaged with summer programs are parents who are setting their families up for success.  I'm amazed at how many students show up where parents have no idea what we do. 

We've got Big boats to ski on.
Jet skis to play on the lake.
Rock trips.
White Water Rafting Trips
Backpack Trips
Fly Fishing Trips
Mountain Biking Trips through some of the world class mountain biking areas in the world.

And all the while we begin to develop a sense of community and family among our staff that flows down to the teenagers that spend 13 days with us. 

As we've been training this last few days, I'm reminded again Why I Continue doing what I do.  Maybe that's a great question for the staff to answer, "Why do you do this?" 

Next post….Video…Asking Staff, Why they do what they do.

Oh…and don't forget, we'll be LIVE on RADIO at 4:00 CST today talking Worldview with Ryan Dobson and Summit Ministries.  http://www.castlerockradio.com.  See you there!!

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