It won't be long now.  We've spent the last few days making camp look like a country club.  The grass is all greened up.  The weeds are all cut out.  The field looks like a World Cup Soccer field.  And the guys who've been here, well let's just say the family is all back together again. 

The majority of our staff comes in tomorrow, so I'll be sure to shoot some video and get that up here online.  It's amazing to watch as people from all over the country come out here to give their life away to teenagers for the summer.  There's nothing else like it. 

Hundreds of students are beginning to pack their bags in anxious anticipation of leaving the world behind for a couple of weeks, focusing on new relationships, and enjoying the beautiful  Colorado outdoors. 

We've still got room if you're interested, and we've got some INCREDIBLE summer rates we're running now through the summer.  Check it out at  If you're a teenager 13-18; we'd love to host you for 13 days out here.  

Videos coming soon!!

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