For years I've been trying to explain what we do out here at KIVU, and I don't think I can tell the story any clearer than this. 

We give teenagers the most exciting two weeks of their life.  They get to choose fantastic Colorado adventures.  They get to meet people from around the world.  But one of the most exciting parts of camp for me is the growth that happens when teenagers have the ability to formulate their own belief system. 

We ask hard questions about faith.
We ask hard questions about choices.
We even try and expose kids to global issues that are plaguing our world.

And when all those things come together…you get students like Joe Miller and Anna Medearis. 

They've been asking good questions for years, and it's translated into one of the most powerful films to be released by teenagers in a long time.  Check this out.

We'll be following their adventures all summer long, and we can't wait to see what answers they come up with! 

Our hope is that many more students will raise the questions to help spread The Word around the world. 

Let me know what you think

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