I just got off the phone with some wonderful people at CNN who are putting together a documentary you're not going to want to miss. CNN was the first news organization to report from
Haiti following the
earthquake that devastated the tiny Caribbean
country in January. That’s when CNN anchor and special correspondent
Soledad O’Brien began a journey reporting on Haiti’s
remarkably inspiring children.  Told through the eyes of two abandoned
children and two American missionaries, O’Brien reports a powerful one-hour CNN
documentary on Haiti’s children’s before, during and
after the earthquake.  Rescued premieres Saturday, May 8 at
8pm ET & PT.

Soledad talking

Said O’Brien, "From the moment I met the children at the Lighthouse
orphanage, I knew I had to return to Haiti to help put a face on the
hundreds of thousands of orphans living there. Not only are they incredibly
strong and inspiring, but they tell the larger story of Haiti
and its struggles before and after the devastating

Check out this preview, and be sure to tune in.  CNN is doing some great reporting on good stories.  This is something that will help change the world.  

Let me know what you think

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