GRAD 2010 _emailbanner Early Bird

Hey Guys, here is an Awesome grad gift! This is something we believe in and have
done for seniors at KIVU the last two years. We actually have a video of myself
and a few seniors on the DVD this year! I want to challenge you to pray about
and think about using it to reach lost seniors at a high school in your area
before they disperse after graduation. Check out what it is below and the presentation
our buddies at interlinc put together to explain the ministry potential of
reaching them with this awesome grad gift:

Here’s what ConGRADulations! is: with over 1,000,000
copies given to graduates, ConGRADulations! is the #1 grad gift of this decade.
This year it’s bigger and more impacting than ever: it is a Music CD with
19 songs from the top names in Christian music including Skillet, tobyMac,
Flyleaf, Relient K, Lecrae, and #1 iTunes mainstream band Owl City; it is a
Media DVD with over 1 hour of video- artists, author-speakers, and fellow grad
video greetings and advice, grad books, and more; and it is a full color
graphical Gift Book all inside a cool plastic cover. They have some discounted
prices going until May 7 (they extended it from April 30) so give them a shout
at 800.725.3300 or

This is a great gift for Seniors heading away, friends that you're looking to give a good foundational gift, or for families who have graduation presents to buy.  Check it out.

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