If you haven't seen Stephen Hawking on the Discovery channel's newest documentary 'INTO THE UNIVERSE,' you're missing out.  It's an look at current scientific discovery of the universe, and is posing hard questions for all of us to answer. 

Why does the expanse of the universe look so infinite?
Where did it all begin?
How can we explain the existence of everything?

These kinds of questions are the very questions University Students are being asked to answer, all over the world.  With the show's brilliant images of the universe, coupled with the Stephen Hawking's obvious understanding of Cosmic Physics; it's no wonder why students have a hard time allowing for a Creation of God to be a possibility. 

Science, however; is a discipline based on observable, repeatable facts.  The problem with the Cosmos is, we can look at it, but we can't touch it, or repeat it.  (in most cases)  So, as we're watching Hawking describes planets that are 20 million light years away from us; we must remember 'the universe isn't perfect,' a quote from Hawking himself. 

I'm not saying he's not brilliant, all I'm saying is Science has it's place to answer the how's, but  Religion and Philosophy are the disciplines equipped to answer the why's.  

Why are we here?
Why does matter act like it does?
Why does life exist?

It's the blurring of Science and Religion that often times confuses students.  When Scientists try and combine the how's of the universe with the why's, they often come to conclusions they are unable to answer.  Likewise, when Religion tries to blur Science into its fold, we often find we leave out much of current scientific discovery. 

So what?

Surely there's a way Science can help give answers to the how's. 
Religion can give the answers to the why's. 
And Maybe we can come up with a comprehensive answer. 

Of course, that would require both disciplines to work together to achieve a common goal.  And, as most of us know, neither discipline thinks very highly of the other. 

In any event, you need to watch this show.  For no other reason, the images are BRILLIANT!!  But a careful watching will certainly prepare anyone for the hallways of the University.  Stephen Hawking is a highly respected scientist and garners a reputation much like Warren Buffet does in the investment world.  When Stephen talks, science listens. 

Have a great Monday!!

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