The group accused of kidnapping 30 Haitian kids were cleared of charges on Monday.  The group allegedly was trying to help move orphans from the earthquake devastation of January 12 to the Dominican Republic where they intended to set up a home for orphans of the quake. 

Caught trying to cross the border, the group was detained and the kids moved back home.  Some of the children were perplexed they were being moved because they had parents still living, while others thought they were just taking a ride. 

As you know, we've been following this story pretty close here because of the dramatic implications the actions of a few are going to have on thousands of orphan kids around the world.  I'm so thankful there are people willing to go and help those in need.  And, I truly believe in my heart these folks had good intentions. 

However, laws are in place for a reason.  Child Sex trafficking is at an all time high, and the adoption rules are put in place so kids don't get taken by the bad guys.  As well intentioned as these church parishioners were, we must be about making sure we are above reproach in all circumstances. 

All to often we think life here in America is exactly what the rest of the world wants, or maybe better yet, needs.  But people live different.  They have life experiences that lead them to different conclusions, and a different way of living.  Just because we think 30 kids need rescuing, next time we should stop and ask them, "Would you like to be rescued?"  

I've found some people just don't want to be, don't need to be, and often find offense that we impose our "safety" on them.  All that to say, with a little more thought and foresight, this event could have been averted, and the adoption community would have been able to continue legitimate 'rescuing' true orphans from this horrible disaster.  Instead, there are new rules posed on couples adopting from Haiti, and the time line has stretched out much longer. 

I'm glad these folks are going home without a criminal record.  Thank God they'll be able to pick up their lives and keep going. 

Now is time to pray. 

We need to pray for the government of Haiti concerning Adoption.
We need to pray for the orphans now living in a mess of a country.
We need to pray for someone to rise up and lead in a crazy situation.
We need to pray for the would be adoptive parents to keep pressing on to adopt the kids from Haiti.

Let me know what you think

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