Last night I was on a Frontier Airline flight from Houston to Denver.  I was flipping through the channels when I saw a familiar face on Larry King.  Jennifer Knapp, a prominent Christian Artist, was doing a special with Larry as she decided a couple of weeks ago to come out as a Lesbian.  I sat amazed at the panel.  Larry, Jennifer, Bob (the pastor), and later in the interview Ted Haggard came to give his two cents.  Here's a short clip.

I know there are violent opinions on both sides.  There are clergy who think homosexuality is simply an evolution of humanity, while others condemn the gay community as an abhorring act of the human race.  It's  time to engage in this conversation.  With more and more denominations talking about the rights of homosexuals to lead the church, and more and more 'gay' people coming to the forefront of conservative evangelicalism, what do you think?  Better yet, What does God think?

It was last year this time when another prominent Christian recording artist, Ray Boltz, came out confessing a long homosexual relationship.  What is going on here?  What's the deal with so many Christians feeling the need to confess homosexual tendencies?  What's happening?

Larry's show was titled, 'Can you be Christian and be gay?' 

What do you think?


  1. I don’t understand the “pride” of calling a behavior a sin and yet continueing in it. No matter what the behavior, if it is a sin shouldn’t the Christian be ashamed and saddened.

  2. You know, I’m just so hard pressed tryin to pull out this log in my eye… I’m a bit unsure about whether there’s a splinter in your eye or I just can’t see too clearly till this log is gone…

  3. I u work for god,doesn’t mean ur heart is with Him too. If someone is really dedicating his/he life to god and love Him the way they claimed to be – no such things like being homosexual can occur. Love or lust? It’s time to see our priority and stop saying u love God when ur action says the opposite.

  4. Homosexuality is brought on from a lustful spirit. As a Christian I feel that it is mportant to identify the “root” cause of our circumstances and not the “symptoms”. Unfortunately, today with the lack of a “true” foundation in Christ many of us find ourselves being caught up in what is happening, and forgetting what we are truly facing. I’m not sure why so many are feeling the need to “confess” as of lately, but I do know that a “true” confession from anyone in the body of Christ should be backed by a testimony of deliverance! Though I am not here to judge my brother nor my sister, I am here to help them along the way. As a Christian we should continue to love the person, and not the sin! Eventually there will come a time of deliverance, and restoration.
    ~K.M. Johnson, author of Knowing The Struggle Is Over!

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