I just got off the phone with a parent, and honestly, I'm floored. 

I know the ministry that goes on out here is effective.
I know the lives that are forever changed because of 13/24 hour days out here.
I know the kids that are going home able to defend their faith.
I know the memories that are made out here trying new adventures at every turn.

But hearing a mom on the other end of the line say things like, "what you're doing is vital for the youth of this generation."  And "You guys are right on with the ministry you're doing." Just makes everything worth it. 

You know, you can wander through life wondering if anyone is really getting anything out of what you're doing, but when a mom says, "My son's life was changed.  We were so excited when we picked him up to hear all the truth you guys solidified in his heart." 

Well, that makes economic downturns easier to swallow.
It helps to know that God is moving, and He is.

God is working out here at KIVU in ways I'll probably not even begin to understand this side of heaven.

So for those of you tried and true fans….Thanks for those moments.
And for those of you who have no idea…what are you waiting for…come on out and join us this summer.  Click on the KIVU LINK hit the registration button, and come join us for a summer you'll never forget!!

See you soon.

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