One of our old staff just wrote in and shared this…

A family came over Sunday night to eat at our place and one of your campers was
with them. (He was an Honor Camper a few years ago when you called it K-Colorado).  The first thing he told me when he got in was, "Man, I
can't wait to go to camp!  I am not going to Nationals, I decided to go
to camp."  He is on a pretty legit volleyball team and they will go to
Nationals to compete during 3rd term.  It is kind of a big deal, but he
saw the value in what you guys do and he chose to spend 2 weeks being
around you guys. 

I was proud for you guys, and proud of him for
choosing camp.  He is a good young man, and he is so ready to be with
you guys.  The work you do right now in the office matters, the hours
you spend wondering if you do any good are fruitful for this young man.  I love
that kid, and I am glad that he has found a home in Kivu.  Know that
your toil is not in vain.

It's working.  A generation is seeing a difference.  KIVU isn't just a summer camp resort.  KIVU is effecting the way kids think about the world, how to defend their faith, and how to connect with others from all over the planet. 

Come join us at CAMP KIVU this summer.  Click on the link, hit the registration button, and come join us this summer. 

We've got some super specials.

1.)  Friends Bring Friends.  For every person you recommend to sign up from today on…we'll credit your account $200.00.

2.)  If you get 5 friends to come we'll reduce the rate to $1450 for your group.

Call us at 970-884-1100, talk to Julie, and we'll get you set up. 

Summer is only a few weeks away. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let me know what you think

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