Thank you guys so much for listening in to the Radio Show.  The Korkast is now recording about 350K listeners a month, and it's just awesome.  I've been getting some great e-mails and facebook messages from those of you who are tuning in, and I'm so thankful it means something to you.  Honestly I love doing it.  So if you've not heard the Korkast, we're on every MWF at 4:00 CST.  Just hit the link CASTLE ROCK RADIO and listen in LIVE.  Ryan Dobson and I talk everything from Worldview to Realife issues, and you'll love the way it's just an honest show about two honest guys who Love God and Love Others.

But in my spare time (HA!), I scour the country serving Christian Schools and Youth Groups for their Spiritual Emphasis Weeks.  This week, I'm heading down to Houston to be with some great kids from the Rosehill Christian School outside of Houston.  I'm excited to meet some new friends, re-kindle some old friends, and just have a BLAST taking some time out to teach students our BELIEVE, BEHAVE, BELONG model we are so vested in out here at Camp KIVU.

Honestly, I love Youth Work.  Some people look at youth ministry as a side job, or a first step in becoming a lead pastor.  But you know, if we don't pay attention to our youth coming up, if we don't adequately train them to think about faith issues or how to answer hard questions, if we let youth ministry be a "pizza party" void of helping to equip our youth, WHERE WILL OUR CHURCHES BE IN 20 YEARS?

I'm convinced, whether we're teaching the Christian Worldview in the summertime here at Camp, or we're traveling the nation helping other ministries adopt a model that can help, we've got to keep plugging away.  The world is certainly not what it was 10 years ago.  The attacks on our faith are creeping in at every possible corner. 

It's now.

In the trenches of a down economy.
On the ground floor of looking how to do things differently.
Working on how to best present answers to life's hardest questions.

It's now.

We have to keep plugging away. 

May we be people who don't give up on our youth.
May we be willing to train and pass on life's lessons we've learned to this point on our own spiritual journey.

In the meantime, I'm heading to the South. 

I love it down there.

Let me know what you think

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