So, super long story super short, God has graciously lead me back to the
narrow road and has called me to start a Bible Study within my

I was wondering if you could give me some tips/verses/guidance on how to
lead a Bible study. You should know that pretty much none of these guys
have the slightest idea about what Jesus did, what it means to be saved,
grace, unconditional love, etc… I do not want to give them bad
this early on in their searches because honestly God is still teaching
about most of that. Basically, do you have a curriculum or something
on your computer that is designed to help people in my boat?

Also if it helps, I'm approaching the Bible study with a "If anyone
to come and crack open the Good Book and talk about whatever" attitude. I
have a good feeling that guys will show up because there are a good
of them that you can tell are looking for something other than weed, sex
and booze to fill those big empty holes growing in their lives. If there
is something you have or tips you know that are geared towards this kind
of fellowship. 

It works.  Kids are going off to college and spreading the word.  The beauty of KIVU is that college students get an intense 13 day immersion in what it means to live like Jesus.  What a great story!!  Come join us 


  1. yeah I think that spreading the word about God in college is good because many people are stress in college and should not smoke over there stress instead they should go to this bible or religious group to know that God can help them through there tough times in life. And an idea of how to get a bible group is to post them on the campuses telling people come out to this bible study you can learn about God and have them listen to some of the gospel music form hills song there a really good gospel musician.

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