A Parent's Story

Hello Andy, I just read your letter from…. and it's
funny as I was praying for you earlier this morning.  I had been praying
for our son, and the life he's getting ready to embark upon as he
is finishing his senior year and heading off to college next fall.  The
normal maternal fears and anxieties were working on my heart until  you
and the ministry of KIVU came to mind.  You all have been
foundational in the lives of our children and because of your steadfast
faith and "works" I see my children going out into the world with a
greater awareness of Our Great God and His work in their lives.  It's
funny I should read your letter this morning and perhaps you need to
hear that  you have a great impact for Christ upon our children.  Keep
up the good fight and please rest in Him, knowing that your faithfulness
to Jesus is encouraging many teenagers and giving mothers greater
peace!!!!  You will be in my prayers and again, THANK YOU for being
obedient to our Lord!

Let me know what you think

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