Today is one of those days.
It's like the Sunday of the Masters.
It's the Morning before the Daytona 500.
It's the tip off for the Final Four.
It's the night of NCAA championships.

Today is one of those days for me.

I've got some crucial meetings today that will help decide if KIVU is going to go forward to be a global ministry, or if we keep doing what we're doing.  Believe me, I'm so blessed God is using KIVU the way He is already.  Teenagers from around the world are coming to know Him in an intimate way.  They're leaving our place with a greater appreciation for a practical Christian Worldview, and TODAY we're going to leap forward in faith and see where God catches us.  We've got some GIGANTIC plans for KIVU, and our hope is, they're God's plans. 

We'll see…Today!


If you're a faithful follower here, Please Pray.
If you're a first timer here, please take your time to see what we have going here.
And then pray!!

Thanks so much.  I'll give you the details when it all comes down the pike.  

I'm thankful for you guys, and so grateful for your prayers!!

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