I noticed from my time spent in the Middle East, most teenagers are just like teenagers here in America.  They want to dress in the latest fashion.  They want to listen to pop music.  They have issues with friends and parents.  Basically all the same stuff American teens deal with, they deal with. 

Sure, culturally there are nuances that make it difficult to share some of the hardest parts of life, but let's be honest, at the end of the day people are people, and we're all just trying to live life. 

I have a friend in the Holy Land who is doing some great work with teenagers.  He's working with youth as they grow up in a war torn region of the world.  He seeks to give them hope in a hopeless situation.  Last summer He was featured on Christine Amanpour's CNN special on Middle Eastern life.  

I'm telling you, the work He is doing is AMAZING!

In any event, it looks like he's going to have a chance to bring some teenagers over here for an education trip this summer, and we're talking about what it might look like if some of those teenagers could come out to KIVU in Colorado and experience the outdoors coupled with a worldview centered around Jesus. 

It could be an incredible chance for American teenagers to interact with teens from another land, but we need to find some revenue to support them. 

If you are interested in sponsoring some teenagers from the Middle East to spend time in the mountains of Colorado surrounded by solid Biblical teaching, e-mail me at andy@campkivu.com.  We're going to press forward and pray that God will lead generous people to help see this dream come to fruition.  

Our tuition is normally $2100 for 13 days.  We're trying to find scholarship monies that will help subsidize the program as there are 30 students coming on this trip.   I know it seems like a big number to raise $60K, but we believe in a God with cattle on a thousand hills right? (Psalm 50:10)  What would it look like if we had a chance to pour into 30 Middle Eastern students who will go back to their homes with a solid Worldview?  What would it look like if teenagers began to have hope?  Maybe all this time and energy we're spending on Middle Eastern diplomacy could take a turn if the students were able to start having hope today.  After all, how can we expect to help provide hope for the people in the Middle East if we're not seeking to spread that hope to teenagers who may be in our backyard. 

My hope is someone out there will have the heart and the financial resources to test this program.  Maybe you can write the check?  Maybe you have friends who can write the check?  Maybe you can gather your church or political group to help sponsor? It doesn't matter how we get it done, but just think…

What if you could give them hope?   
What if you could help change their world?
What if you could provide a solid Biblical worldview, and you don't even have to leave home?

This is a Unique opportunity to have a play in the Middle East right here at our camp KIVU in Colorado.  Will you help?

I can't wait to hear from you.


  1. I was wondering if you provide scholarships to
    American citizens who cannot afford this
    camp as well?

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