Last week I announced a new section here on  We are dedicating a whole day of Blog space to hearing from those of you who've been to our camp in Durango Colorado called KIVU. 

I got this message yesterday from one of our parents – "Our daughter can't wait to come back this summer.  Her first experience at KIVU was last year, and she's been talking about it everyday since.  She's even convinced 4 of her friends from school to come to KIVU this summer and they have a dream to reach out to our community.  Thanks Andy and KIVU staff for all you guys do.  It has changed our family."

Isn't that awesome!! 

I had a friend ask me recently if I was ready to grow up and deal with adults rather than teenagers.  ????  No matter what ministry I'm in, I'm always going to love teenagers.  And…when you hear stories like this, it's hard to move away from kids who need mentors in their lives.

"Stephanie can't wait to come back.  Andy, she's had a tough last couple of years as school.  Her time with her counselors at KIVU give her hope going into next year.  Keep doing what you do.  The impact has been felt in my family."

Isn't that AWESOME!!

The fact that God is using this little place out here in Durango Colorado to touch the lives of so many.  We are blessed. 

Hope you can come join us this summer.  Check it out at

God bless.

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