After the first post today I've had several KIVU experience e-mails.  So I've made an executive decision, Tuesdays are just going to be KIVU experience days.  Here's the latest received from a family.

I had tried to get our daughter there for
years and finally convinced her last summer, just before her Senior
year.  She was with one of her best friends . . . but over the course of
the 6 mos prior to camp she & her friend were not agreeing on how
to "have fun" and had drifted apart . . . but plans were made/$$ had
been paid so off they went.  Tho we had requested that they share a
cabin, they were not put together . . . (God is always at work in His
Mysterious Ways!!!) and this gave Olivia the freedom to make new friends
and she did just that!!!  When she called me from the airport before
coming home she was JOYOUS! I had not seen her/heard her that happy
since she left Elementary School.  She has kept in touch with those
girls all year, they have encouraged her via text/Facebook/phone calls
and it has been such a blessing!!!  Our daughter is plenty fun but walks the
straight & narrow and is often quite lonely so these friends have
been GOLD! Not only did she have FUN but she was so full of God when she
returned, telling me quite specifically all that she had learned under
Andy's wise/passionate teaching.  Once her appetite for THE WORD was
touched she realized how superficial her youth group was at our church
— she sought out another group in another church (with our blessing)
and has learned so much this year!!!   She is really looking forward to
Yes, she is still friends with that
girl ( who continued to make poor choices)  because she loves her/we all
love her . . . we have PRAYED for this friend and I think she is
beginning to see the light!!!  They will be returning together.

What you are offering and doing is
PRICELESS . . . our teenagers are so confused and don't even know it!  I
cannot thank you enough and Pray for the Lord's provision and
protection on all of you.

If you've got a specific story how KIVU has touched you or your family, send it on over to  I'd love to post your story as we live life together!!

Let me know what you think

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