When I think about my time in the Middle East, there are several wonderful memories.  The scene of a desert without any life, watching Bedouin people live life in the distance, and living in a culture rich with natural resource trying to make sense of the world around them. 

But what sticks out the most…the people I know count as friends. 

I know there are varying degrees of feelings concerning the U.N. and the authority they might have.  Sure, there have been head line stories of scandal, deceit, and misappropriation of resources, but the beauty of the U.N. is the ability for nations to have a conduit to engage. 

Americans have an ideal that all cultures can talk to one another if we can agree on a few common ideas, but the rest of the world isn't quite as easy to engage in life together. Racism, economic clashes, and historical war all keep people at arms length.  They don't want to engage.  Why would they?  There's really no reason.

But Everywhere I travel, the U.N. is respected to help and bring attention to issues close to the ground.  They're comprised of a group of like minded nations willing to submit to a common good. 

The people I had the privilege to worship with last week were much the same. 

From every tribe, nation, and tongue, they are a community of believers. 
They are people resigned to seeking the common good. 
They worship in spirit and in truth. 
They don't regard difference of skin color, difference of denomination, or difference of history to be something to get in the way, but rather; seek to worship God as the creator of all things.

They identify problems, and position themselves in a way to love through.

Who knows where God will take me on my Journey through this life.  But the more people I have the sacred honor to be with like those…what a blessing!

The U.N. of faith.  That's what I see.  People who are willing to join together to love God, and love other people, no matter what.  That's where I want to be. 

A place where man's traditions are valued, not worshiped.  
A place where people can love and respect others as they approach the throne of God.

I'm catching up on all my work, I'll have more to share in the days to come.  Thanks for joining me.  Thanks for praying.  Thanks for thinking about the conversations and ministry happening while I was away.  I felt the spiritual support with those I engaged. 

Let me know what you think

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