Isn't it amazing to watch how God can weave a brilliant tapestry of colors together in your life so all the beauty of His encounters can culminate into one giant work of art?

It was over two years ago we started thinking and hearing God move us to KIVU.  We had a wonderful place at Kanakuk, a wonderful church family, and the best friends you could ever ask for.  But God began weaving a tapestry that only He could ever pull off. 

He continues bringing people to the table with adequate skill, resources to give, and passionate desires to be a part of His grand weaving. 

I surely couldn't do it on my own.  There's no way.  The amount of time and energy it takes to be a part of a vision as big as KIVU, one man would go nuts trying to work it.  But God's beautiful artistry is on display.  In just the right timing, He's bringing people to the vision that are interested in helping to build it, and for that; I'm SO grateful. 

Thanks for continuing to pray. 

Once again, I'll reveal more details as they play out, but rest assured; God is working in BIG ways in our lives.  And I'm thankful for His master plan. 

Let me know what you think

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