No matter the country.
No matter the culture.
No matter the context.
Teenagers across the globe are dealing with similar issues. 

Who am I?
What do I want to be when I grow up?
Where am I going to school?
Who do I relate to?
Who am I going to date?
What does it all really matter?

These are questions I've heard from teens in China, Africa, England, and America.  What's amazing to me, even though there are cultural differences and generational nuances, teenagers are pretty much the same. 

Life isn't easier in America versus another part of the world.  Sure, there's more money to cover things up, but the basics of humanity scream loud and clear from our next generation.  

They want to know purpose. 
They long for authentic truth.
Even though the outside tends to look confident, inside everyone is dealing with the same stuff. 

It's why I continue proposing places like KIVU to give kids a place where they can know real relationships.  They can connect with people from around the world, and see the hardships of spiritual journeys.  They can celebrate the successes others seem to stumble on.  They can continue to grow into people that see the world through a worldview that makes sense. 

I believe in the next generation.
I believe they can do it.

But we must take a pro-active role in helping them get to a place where they can develop into whole people.  If we sit back and let the television, the internet, or the local mall teach our kids values, then we don't need to be surprised when the world spins a different direction in the next 15-20 years. 

Come join us this summer, and watch the Spirit lead kids to a place of truth. 
Come connect with students from all over the world.
Come and see how the KIVU crew sets kids up for success, as they grow from children to vibrant adults, ready to stand strong in their faith. 

We can't wait for you to come and join us. http://www.campkivu.com

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