Well, it's official.  The First KIVU excursion is complete.  Our Trek halfway around the globe has ended, and all the teenagers are heading home.  The memories will probably be all over facebook for the next couple of days, but the impact is set to last a lifetime. 

It's exactly what makes KIVU what we are. 

We posture ourselves to help teenagers understand a basic Christian worldview, so they can venture into communities all over the world sharing the love of Jesus.  Whether its building houses, playing basketball in the communities, or just helping the doctors with simple procedures, Let it be shouted from the mountaintop…The Love of Christ was shown this last week.

The teenagers and families that came with us were top notch.

Even the workers where we stayed were impressed with how giving, loving, and relational the KIVU crew exhibited themselves. 

I'm just so excited to springboard from this week into summer.  We're gearing up for another fantastic summer in Colorado, and we're excited to offer a comprehensive worldview to students all over the world. 

So…if you're interested in coming out to Colorado this summer….

Come join us for some intense relationship building while we build important foundations of truth into the teenage generation.  We're ready to raft the rivers, climb the mountains, and spend an ample amount praising God. 

Come Join us by surfing over to and hit the registration button to reserve your spot. 

If you're already signed up, pass it on to some friends or families you think might be interested in coming to join us on our adventure. 

I know these kids sure appreciated the folks we brought to help share hope in their communities….



Let me know what you think

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