Ok, so it's not NASCAR, but its way better!!

Today we're taking off for our first KIVU trip to the Philippines.  

Some have asked, "Why go all the way over to another country, 12 hours on an airplane, to extend the work of KIVU?" 

And I'd love to answer that….

1.)  We believe that teenagers, college students, and families alike, are interested in knowing a comprehensive worldview.  At KIVU, our curriculum is composed of high adventure activity, in the mountains of Colorado,  as a vehicle to help students understand the delicate details of belief systems.  We help students ask questions about their faith.  We walk with them to find answers about the why's of the world.  And ultimately, we want to help the next generation of students to be able to walk strong in faith while living in a world that might think much differently.

2.)  We believe the only way to provide meaningful training is through experience.  It's one thing to sit in a classroom, but this generation has proven to be kinetic learners.  It's just another tool of eduction to allow the stories and life experiences to teach the importance of knowing who you are and where you fit in the world.

3.) We believe having fun is a missing piece of the faith.  We're going to have a BLAST providing a KIVU camp style program where we can be people who connect together.  We're going to provide the platform for long term relationships to begin, and hopefully; those relationships will be the foundation for deep wells of spiritual maturity. 

4.)  We believe in serving.  It's a long standing core value at KIVU, we Love God, "with all our heart, soul, and mind, AND, we love our neighbor as ourselves."  We're going to look for places to partner and serve around the globe.  We want to expose teenagers, college students, and families to a life long story of serving. 

And so, as we take off today, we would love for your prayers to guide our way. 

May God be glorified as we attempt to know Him, know each other, and serve those around us.   

Let me know what you think

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