I had a wonderful privilege of sharing my thoughts on Luke 15 yesterday at two different churches here in the Durango area.  It started out at 7:30 am at New Hope church here in town.  New Hope is an interesting place, as they've chosen to meet in the local movie theater, and the atmosphere is amazing.  From the moment I walked in everyone at the place has a smile, a welcoming 'HELLO,' and a freshness about hospitality.  What a place!!!

Then I cruised on over to the Matthew's House, a church designed to reach out to local college students interested in spiritual matters.  It was a great day sharing.  I heard a number of great comments, mostly that people were thinking.  And, that's why I do what I do.

Last night I was finishing up a little Olympic Hockey I DVR'd for the occasion, and I started thinking…

The beauty of Luke 15, the story of the lost sheep the lost coin and ultimately the prodigal son, is that the umbrella of God's grace extends pretty far. 

His grace is enough to go and search for the lost sheep.
His passion rummages around the house looking for the lost coin.
And in a wonderful picture of forgiveness, He extends His arms of love and compassion for the son who decides to come home. 

But that's not all…

This umbrella even extends to those who are like the older son. 

Remember, the older son was the one who was angry at the hospitality the father showed the younger after the squandering of his inheritance. 

The older son was the one who didn't want to give any recognition to his younger brother.

He stood on the seat of righteous indignation, and couldn't believe after all the younger brother put the family through, the father would still allow a celebration for his return. 

God's grace is big.
It's wide.
It's paradoxical.

But ultimately, he longs to run down the road and welcome the younger son with open arms.
AND, he wants to welcome the older son into the celebration as well.

What a God we serve!!

I love living in Durango.  There are people here from all walks of life. Some who believe, and some who don't.  Some who carry weighty baggagee of un-reconciled history.  Some who are longing to find community.  Some who are waiting to be found.  Some who are at the bottom of the barrell wondering…"Do you think He'd love me?"

I guess it isn't all that different from any other community.

People are people. 

We all want to fit in the universe somewhere.

And for those who understand, the creator of that universe is waiting for you….Welcome home.

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