I've got a great opportunity to speak this weekend to a couple of churches here in the Durango area.  It's been a great joy for me to get to know some of these men who are carrying God's message to the community.  There's a realness about these folks that I find myself just thanking the Lord for.  Real people, sharing the Real message of God's word, in a world that sometimes holds this group of believers in contempt. 

So I've been working on the prodigal son for Sunday. 


Of course I've heard the story described in Luke 15 all growing up, but this time I feel like I've approached it with news eyes, a new heart, and a new spirit. 

We must remember, the prodigal son is laid out in a section of three stories deliberately being used to help the Pharisees of the day with their constant disbelief, "This man welcomes sinners, and eats with them.' (v.1) And so as you think about the story, don't forget the reason the story is being told.  Without proper context, we can all come up with various meanings, but once again Jesus is being a revolutionary when it comes to the religious codes of the day.

So, without giving away all my sermon notes for Sunday, take some time this weekend and read Luke 15:11-32, and let's have a little weekend discussion. 

Why do you think Jesus told this story in the presence of the Pharisees?
What significance is it that the Father welcomes back the younger son?
Why would the Father beg and plead that the older son come and join the festival?
What can we know about  God more intimately after addressing these issues?

I look forward to sharing with the New Hope fellowship, and the Matthews house fellowship this weekend.  It's sure to be a world changer.  I know it's been good for me as I've studied this week.

In any event, let me know what you think, and I'll spend the weekend posting bits about the Prodigal Son.  Can't wait to hear from you.

Let me know what you think

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