Any good life coach is going to sit you down and divest the areas of your life that are successful as well as those that are failures.  Come on, you all know we have areas that aren't really working up to speed. 

Some of us just aren't that good at finances.
Others need help in marriages.  (Ok, most of us need this one.)
Some need help with education.
Others need help relaxing.
Some need help with their working lives.
But one thing that re-sets the whole sphere of my world…Riding Bikes.

For the last few weeks I've felt a little groggy.
I've been going to sleep earlier than ever.
I've not been real motivated to go and produce, which is very unlike me.  Most of you know I have an addiction to production that drives me every waking moment of the day.

So, Monday I decided to get back on the bike.


I'm convinced exercise is an important regiment for everyone.
It's not JUST for loosing weight.
It's not JUST about to being vain.
It's not JUST about keeping your blood pressure down, and your arteries clean.
But there's something about exercise that clears my head.  

Sometimes we set aside exercise for only those hard core athletes trying to get in shape, but if we are going on this spiritual journey to find all that life has to offer, let me pose a little exercise in your life. 

Take time today to walk for 30 minutes.
Get back on the bike, if you can.  (I know the whole country is coated in ice.)
Go to a gym and get on a treadmill.
I think there's a direct correlation between the way we feel, how we think, and more importantly how we can process when God speaks to us. 

I know some might say, "Can you see Moses on a treadmill?" 

And in response I might say something like this, "Can you see Moses playing Aaron in the latest HALO game on Pharaoh's X-Box?"

We need to be sure we're taking care of this body God gave us, AND the clarity that comes from just being on the bike…well, I'm a fan. 

Let me know what you think

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