He's the one square in the middle with the heavy glasses.  

What a friend!!

Luke came out to help start KIVU  in 2001.

He was with us during the devastating fire of 2002.

He worked long hours, days, weeks, and months with K-Life to help students in the Branson area.

He moved out to Denver, and took the Denver K-Life group to a whole new level.

He moved out here to Durango this year to help us launch new programs.

He's given me rides to work when my car breaks down.

Helped me shovel my roof so the snow wouldn't crash in my living room.

He's a favorite member of the Braner family, as my kids affectionately call him "duke"

He's consistent.

He's faithful.

He's got a heart that cares for community.

He loves Jesus.

He says what he means.  He means what he says.

He's a great guy to travel with.

He works like a banchi.

It's his birthday today, and what a day!!

Go ahead and go on his facebook page, wish him happy birthday.

Or you can e-mail him, luke@campkivu.com.  Wish my buddy a good day today.

Thanks Luke, for all you do. 

I appreciate it pal!!

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