The greatest parts about working for an international ministry are the people that I have the honor to run into everywhere I go.  KIVU has already invited people from all over the world to come be a part of a tight knit "family" type connection.  It's like visiting extended relatives wherever I go.

Last night I had dinner with a wonderful KIVU family.  What a JOY!!  To share life with people who are trying to raise their kids, look into the future, and love God with all they have.  It's a wonderful part of my job.

Today I'm off to TCA again.  I'm introducing them to the Braner clan, talking about why we are Braner Party of 7.  James 1:27.  Here we go.

And then, I'm sharing the KIVU movie with teenagers interested in coming to our place this summer.  Remember, if you're interested in seeing our program, sharing our experience, or just sign up yourself, be sure to surf over to, and reserve your spot today.  We have movies from last summer, photos from our outdoor experience, and videos that will help you see the value teenagers get from coming out for 2 weeks in the summer. 

God bless.

See you soon!!

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