As we travel around the country telling people about Camp KIVU, an honest question always comes to the surface.  Why?  Why would I send my teenager out to Colorado for two weeks in the summertime?

It's a fair question?  After all, summertime is becoming more precious as each year rolls by.  Schools are ending later and starting earlier.  Sports programs are demanding time in the summer.  And lets not forget that valuable family vacation time.  Parents are wondering, is this going to be valuable for my student as he or she goes off to college?

I've been thinking a lot about value as it relates to KIVU, and I think I can offer a few bullet points that identify the reason why.

1.) Teenagers are climbing a long road to spiritual understanding.  The current stats point out that 70-80% of teenagers who are raised in Christian homes reject their faith by their first year in college.  It's an astounding almost unbelievable statement, but it's true.  Teenagers today aren't able to articulate the reason why they believe what they believe, and so when they go off to a place where they are the primary decision makers, the crisis of belief systems often throw them into a tailspin.

At KIVU we have developed a curriculum to help teenagers begin to own their faith.  We want teenagers to be able to ask hard questions about what they believe, and ultimately set them on their own faith discovery.  We want them to look for answers.  We want them to search for the truth and ultimately find it. (John 14:6) Our premise is a total understanding of God's working on the earth, and we challenge teens to know what they believe, how it affects everyday behavior, and how they can go out into the world and be agents of change within the context of the gospel.

2.) Teenagers need adventure.  KIVU is poised to offer teenagers events they've probably never experienced before.  We invite teenagers from around the world to explore different activities with other teenagers.  We want them to know there is more to life than television and video games, and we encourage them to find the adventure they have the most excitement for.  We don't force anyone to do anything, so every activity is by invitation only.    

It's a great day when a teenager returns to camp KIVU and tells stories of the life adventures they've done with other friends back home, all because they learned the skills at camp.  Our hope is we can set teenagers on a track full of ideas, clear of vision, in an effort to codify valuable memories that shape them as people.

3.)  Teenagers need encouragement.  KIVU has developed a rich tradition of relationships around the globe, and it's ESSENTIAL teenagers have other teens and mentors they can look to.  We don't just instruct, we live life with teenagers.  We backpack together.  We Mountain Bike together.  We ski together.  But most of all, we live this spiritual discovery together. 

Everyone who has tried to walk the road Jesus asked us to walk knows it's not easy.  I believe teenagers can do it, but not alone.  KIVU provides real life relationships whereby they can be encouraged to walk their faith in hard times.  They can call on new friends and mentors to pray for them during the rocky times. 

So Why send your kids to KIVU?

I believe it's crucial for the emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of teenagers. 

And we LOVE providing a resource where you can know your kids will be treated with respect, given life values to grow, and yea, We're going to have a GREAT TIME doing it.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might value knowing about our place.  We're always hoping to meet new faces when the summer starts.  And it won't be long.  So if you haven't registered yet, be sure to click over to, and reserve your spot today.

Let me know what you think

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