It was a little over two weeks ago when we announced Timothy Keller's book Counterfeit Gods as our KIVU book of the month.

I've been reading diligently on this work, and I believe Mr. Keller has tapped into something so crucial to the heart of every believer.  Throughout the book he challenges the reader to ask "Who is your God?" 

With all the worldview work I do out here at Camp KIVU, it's a welcomed breath of fresh air to see someone like Mr. Keller put those ideas into a context for the masses. 

The introduction charges ahead and grabs your attention, and begins probing the reality of whatever god is in your life.  And to be honest, one of the lines that jumped off the page for me is when he very bluntly said, "Anything can be a god."

And he's right.  Anything can be a god.

I've been seeking the Lord with fervor this last week, with that concept in mind.  Do I have any other gods taking your place in my heart?  Do I have any idols that need to be knocked down?

What about you? 

Do you have any idols you need to get rid of?

Let's start an online discussion centered around stories that you have.  Tell us here at, what are the idols in your life?

You don't have to leave your name, your e-mail, or any identifiers.  You can write anonymous right below here when you click on comments.  Let's share together the idols in our life, and see where the Lord will take us. 

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