I join today with the words of Dr. King.  "Free at Last, Free at Last thank God almighty, I'm free at last."

Have you ever watched the whole "I have a dream" speech?

It's incredible. 

It's unbelievably visionary.

Dr. King saw the way the world should turn, and he wasn't afraid to differentiate himself from the tides of culture to declare the truth.  He saw a world where discrimination didn't have a place at the table of human existence.  He saw a world where all people can see people for being people, void of thoughts conjuring animosity for whatever the color their skin.  What an incredible example of someone with true conviction willing to risk everything for His call. 

Our country has come so far from the days of Dr. King and the racism expressed through the civil rights movement. The days of "whites" only drinking fountains, "whites" only bathrooms, "whites" only public meeting places might be over;  but don't be fooled, Racism is alive and well in our country today. We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go.

I thought for sure, since it's 2010 the prejudices of the old world would have faded away with our education, our technological advances, and our social awareness.

Don't be fooled. 

Don't let the gentle swells of passivity lull you to sleep. 

Racial reconciliation is still necessary in America today. 

When I walk with my little daughter Gabby down the road I feel the starring glares of people who are wondering.  


They wonder, "How did that happen?"
"Where is her mother?"
"That's just not natural."

And when my wife walks through town, people look at her with those eyes of mis-understanding, and to be fair, maybe it's just a strange spectacle to watch a white woman walk through Wal-Mart with two black children.


So when they find out, our two kids are adopted…
Or they spend some time playing with Gabby or Tiki…
The critical attitude subsides, and they rest easy…it's ok…they're just people.

They're a family.
They're a picture of what heaven is probably going to look like someday.
When "all God's Children" are gathered underneath the umbrella of his grace, and we can finally put this primitive mode of indemnification behind us. 


We've come a long way since the days of Dr. King, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Don't Be fooled.

It's not a Black thing.
It's not a White thing.
It's not a Yellow thing, a Red thing, or a Brown thing.

It's a human thing.

But I have a dream.  A dream that One day the world will spin the way it should. 

A dream where the KING of KINGS comes to restore the world.

A dream where Sin and Death are finally put to rest.

A dream when the culmination of the power of the creator of the universe clashes with the evil existing on the planet, and good finally wins out. 

No more crying.
No more Pain.
No more injustice.

Much like Dr. King must have thought…

This dream isn't probably for today.
And might not be for tomorrow.

But when Jesus returns…the Kingdom will be restored.

I join today with the vision of Dr. King…And I'm Still Dreaming.



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