Today, I'm in Melbourne Florida on the east coast of the Sunny State.  It took all day yesterday to fly out here, and I got in super late.  This morning I opened my window, and low and behold I'm sitting right on the coast.  CRAZY, I had no idea.  

It's not the usual time of year down here, and the cold from the rest of the country must have seeped down the state, but I'm thankful for the sound of the wind and the waves. 

I'm helping a Student Venture/Campus Crusade annual retreat down here.  Staff and students from Orlando and Jacksonville are coming down this afternoon to take some time out to focus on the Lord, start the new year out right, and hopefully come away with a great sense of who God is. 

I'm thankful for what God is doing. 
I'm excited to see how He shows up today.
My heart is still a little heavy for some things going on back home. 

So if you think about it today, or have some free time to pray, I sure would appreciate your prayers for this retreat, for my family back home, and the stuff going on with our house in Branson. 

May God be glorified through my life today.
May I represent His love, His forgiveness, and His mercy today.

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