I saw this picture this morning, and it was exactly what I was feeling.  

There is no doubt spiritual warfare is a real thing.  It's the story of Job, the wrestling of Jacob, the demoniac Jesus healed, and even the void of His heavenly Father while Jesus stretched His arms wide open for the reconciliation of the world.  

I've seen it in people I work with.
I've watched it plague the hearts and minds of teenagers.
I've seen families plagued with hardship after hardship.

And all the while I wonder…."What are you up to God?"

For sure we know that God isn't the source of hardship.  The God of the Bible isn't some maniacal sadist that enjoys the pain and heartache of mankind.  But there is a component of suffering that happens in this life to draw you closer to Him. 

Look at the lives of every major saint in history. The common theme:  Suffering. 
Watch the "beautiful" stories of success, and often you'll discover a home where suffering took place before success. 

It's almost like in order to have a relationship with the creator, there are certain pain filled circumstances that bring you to your knees. 
He requires total commitment.
He desires no other idol be put before Him.
He wants that you are cognizant of His grace, His mercy, and His judgment.

During the Holiday break I read through Mother Theresa's most recent memoirs, and I'm convinced there is a separation from the physical, a separation from the emotional, and a separation from the spiritual, that must occur for a follower of Jesus to truly understand Him in ALL his glory. 

I write all this today, because there are a dozen things going on in my world right now that are really causing some rub with me.  It's not like I'm sitting in the corner throwing a pity party or anything, it's just life just gets hard sometimes; you know?  Things don't turn out like we plan.  Expectations aren't met.  Even when I turn on the television and see a natural disaster in Haiti while some of my friends are down there…the feelings of "It's ALL GOOD" turn quickly to "Man this world is BROKEN!"  It all culminates into a the harsh reality the world is what it is, and there is a war going on. 

Good v. Evil. 
Right v. wrong.
The age old story.
The place where God's love comes to fruition in your life, versus the place where circumstances take you into a whirlwind of depression.

I want to commune with God.
I want to rely on Him solely during my darkest hour.
I want the world to know, He's all I got, and He's all I'm clinging on to. 

And with the help of a few friends who are praying, I hope to Love God with All my heart, all my soul, and all my mind, and Love them back with feverish abundance.

Maybe you're feeling the pressure, the after the holidays blues.  Maybe you're sitting in a place where you feel all alone.  Let me come alongside and say, There's no better place than reaching up, knowing the God of the Universe loves you, and with the some of the greatest people He's put in your life, its important that you know…"the sun will come up tomorrow."  

Pray for me today, as I go to a Campus Crusade retreat for some students in Florida.  I know the warfare I'm experiencing in other parts of my life only serve as distractions for what God is up to. 

May we glorify Him in all we do.
May we reach the point where He is the centerpiece of our salvation.
May our world view reflect that even in the hard times, God is near!

Thanks for your support.  It's a humbling thing to know so many of you are praying. 

Fell free to spread this to your friends, invite others to pray, and keep the fellowship growing.  For it's only when we ALL become honest bearers of truth that true community can be glued together.  

I'm with you!


  1. WOW Adam! What a powerful post. Thank you for sharing what God put on your heart. I think every person can relate to what you wrote…
    I know that I can on a personal note.
    New level- new devil… When God is doing BIG things in and through us we are going to feel the attack. As long as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and remember that HIS word is TRUTH- we can boldly call out the lies of the devil and rebuke his feeble attempts to throw us off course.
    I love your heart after God and will be praying for you.
    For the ONE,

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