When January rolls around, I start getting that summer feeling.  You know what I mean?

I know it's cold around the country, but it won't be long. The snow will melt.  The sun will come out.  The wildflowers will wake up from their long winter's slumber, and I can almost hear the sounds of teenagers running through our place here in Durango.

I can feel it in my soul.  Summer's coming.

I've got various ministry events all spring long, and don't get me wrong, I love being with youth leaders all over the world, but I know summer's Coming. 

It won't be long when the buses will roll in the gates, the music will start thumping, and teenagers from all over the world will begin enjoying two wonderful weeks in the Colorado Mountains.

We've got some great initiatives planned for the spring.  Our book of the month club, our online party voting, the website starts getting more and more traffic all because Summer's coming!!

Our staff here at KIVU is so blessed to have families around the world who believe in what we're doing, and we'd like to invite you and your friends to come join us.  Our mission is simple, we want to facilitate an outdoor adventure for teenagers while we help them build a solid faith foundation.  We want to help teenagers be strong in the faith, and all while they're having a BLAST!!

So if you or someone you know is interested in experiencing a little paradise on earth, come on out to visit us at KIVU.  The summer's coming, and you won't want to miss it!  Come on out!! Bring a friend, and you'll be a part of the most incredible family of people I've ever known.

Just click on the logo above, it will take you to our website where you can watch videos of our program, read about our core values, and get pumped because you know SUMMERS COMING!!

It won't be long now!

Let me know what you think

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