It was the spring of 2007 when I sat in the middle of a large Youth Convention, listening to one of the "leader" of youth ministry in America; "Short term Mission Trips are the Biggest Waste of Money EVER!!"

I couldn't believe my ears.  

Here was a guy interested in spreading the gospel around the world, and he was trying to make the case for quantifying the overall benefits of short term mission work.  "If you take all the money spent, and then compare that to a long term spiritual growth model…blah…blah…blah."  He actually had charts and graphs for this stuff.

Now, I'm not usually a total critic of colleagues, but this hit a nerve.  I've been taking teenagers around the world for the last 5 years, and I'm telling you, NOTHING has more significant impact on the comprehensive world view development of a student than some short term mission work. 


The life change that happens as teenagers are willing to serve others from around the world is priceless. 

All this to say, I know it's cold outside, but spring break is right around the corner. 

As high school and college students begin their trek to starting a new semester, the
thoughts of warm summer sun have already crossed more than one mind.

Instead of Cancun or Cozumel.
Instead of Breckenridge or Beaver Creek.

Come join KIVU on our annual trip to serve.

We're heading to El Nido resorts in the Philippines where there is a poor community of farmers who need our help.  They live in an area only accessible by boat or small plane, and their main form of income is "Bird Nesting."

We'll be staying at, and if all goes well, we'll be starting a new tradition that will be an annual trip.

The Cost: $3000 which you can raise and is totally tax deductible.
The Dates: March 13-21.
Who can come: Anyone that wants to take a Spring Break with a Purpose.
Contact:  If you want more information, feel free to contact our office at 970-884-1100, or e-mail

Can't wait for you to join us!!

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  1. Hey Andy, Meredith here. I would love to come on this trip and I tried really hard to make this happen. Well, the money wasn’t there, and Jamie Jo said that you had to be 16, which makes sense, I totally understand. But I really want to take a spring break with a purpose, and I want to see what God has to show me away from the temptations and destractions of home. So, please let me know of any more trips available to a younger age group and I pray that you guys have a great time and see what God has in store for you all in El Nido. God Bless, Meredith

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