I've spent the last year talking to teenagers all over the country about relationships.  It's been a while since a dating book has hit the shelves discussing what's really going on in the world at school. 

I'm almost finished with the 1st draft of a new book helping parents and teen leaders understand exactly what's going on in the dark shadows of the dating world.  And I'd love your help.

If you've got a story about what's going on in your sphere of influence concerning dating, or you've got some new ideas about how we can help a new generation of teens navigate the dating world, please send your story. 

You can comment here, or send me a private e-mail at andy@campkivu.com. 

If you're story makes the book, I'll send you a signed copy of the 1st printed addition. 

Looking forward to seeing if your story matches up with some of the stories I've collected after a year of travels. 

God bless!

Can't wait to share this new work with you.

Let me know what you think

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