Ok, if you're into fashion, I've got a company for you to know.  The STANDARD is powered by two of my favorite people on the planet. Matt and Emily Baldwin.  These two are changing the course of fashion in Kansas City, and they are remarkable people.  

I was just in KC, stopped in the store, and Baldwin showed me the latest in Denim.  Baldwin Denim. 

These jeans are the coolest jeans I've ever put on my body.  They're made durable, and they're built to last.  "You'll hand these jeans down to your kids" he told me, while I was trying them on.

So, if you've got the fashion bug, and you want to rest assured that you're going to get quality service, from quality people, be sure to hang out at the Standard in KC.

You can e-mail Matt at matt@standardstyle.com, for your Christmas parties coming up.  He'll make sure you're looking good for your next event.

Have fun, and enjoy.  KC is rocking with the Baldwins and The Standard.

Thanks Guys.  Much LOVE!!

Standard Style Fashion Show VIEWS Kansas City from Standard Social on Vimeo.

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