Is your student ready to go off to college after their Senior Year?

Harvard says no.
Princeton says no.
Yale says no.
Most of the European Union says they would prefer a gap year.
Most of our Asian friends are catching on.
And those in Australia are calling it a 'Walk About.'

With more and more students who show up to the University campus, giving up on their faith, we're seeing high school students who just need a little more life experience to prepare them for the onslaught of pressures most college students are enduring today.  

Do they need more class?

Do they need better study habits?

Do they need more projects and team building?

Most experts agree…NO!

It's even our observation here at KIVU, that high school students are going off to college without any direction. Going off to college has become the thing they do when they get out of high school because they're supposed to get a degree, make sure they get good grades, so they can go and get a good job, and achieve the American Dream.

But as we see graduating classes going off to attend the academy, we're also watching more students struggle through alcoholism, failing grades, introduction to early sexuality, and ultimately they wind up wasting their first semester just adjusting. 

Well, what if we could provide a place where students might have a chance to explore the gifts God gave them, hone their interests, and experience the world with a little more direction, without risking all the time and money we're shoveling to Universities today?

Welcome to the KIVU Gap Year.

In the Fall of 2010, we are introducing a state of the art program that will help your student know where they are gifted.  We want to expand their boundaries, so when they do go to the Academy, they'll have a little more understanding for 'why' they're going.

If you're student wants to be a doctor, how much more incentive will they have if they've already worked in a clinic?
If they want to be a business person, how much more will they understand the reason for macro-economics if they've worked in a business already?
If they want to be in the realm of international relations, wouldn't it be prudent to show them the world a bit?

For years, parents have asked me to start a school to help train students in the Christian Worldview, while giving them practical training.  Well, wait no more.

The KIVU gap year will help students…
Be exposed to emerging markets
Understand health care in a variety of arenas
Work closely with world business leaders
Get a taste of non-profit work around the world, and
Carefully examine some of the most pressing issues in our world today
All the while, they contextualize these experiences in the basics of the Christian Worldview

No more 'boring' classroom lectures
No more 'hype'
No more simple cerebral understanding

No, we want to give kids a hands on experience whereby they can share their faith for a lifetime of ministry, no matter what they want to become in life.

Keep watching here at andybraner.com, as we release the details.  Right now we are working on college credit, housing, teachers, and partnerships in order to provide a program that will prepare high school students to sit in their freshman classes with clear direction for their future.

Still not convinced?  Just read the latest NewsWeek Article on the  necessity to get kids out of the classroom for a bit so they don't turn into cookie cutter citizens, but rather; allow them to blossom into all that God has called them to be. 

I CANT WAIT for this program to start, as we continue providing a place for students to mature at KIVU!!

Let me know what you think

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