And the stories keep coming in of people PAYING IT FORWARD. 

My best buddy in college just sent me this link to his son's company, Noah's Mugs.  (

If you go to the link, you'll see the video of Noah (7 years old) who had a passion to start a business making coffee mugs.  Each coffee mug is sold for $16, and 100% of the revenue goes to provide drinking water to a ministry they work for in Africa.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is happening!!

There is a movement continuing to go forward as people see their contribution to this world is bigger than themselves.  Led by a 10 year old girl selling lemonade, and a 7 year old boy making coffee mugs, SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TODAY?

What are you going to do to Pay it Forward for someone in your community.

Maybe it's just going to buy a mug from Noah (, and maybe it's something that you can do, and be highlighted here.

It's kind of like that game back in grade school on the playground.  Let's keep it rolling.  Let's keep the ball up in the air.  Let's see how long we can go with stories from around the country, and around the world that keep us with the right mindset over the holidays. 


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