If you tuned into the radio station yesterday at castlerock radio, you heard Ryan and I talking about the concept of Pay it Forward.

The Story started when Ryan told of a person in line at a fast food drive through.  They decided they were going to pay for their meal, AND the meal of the car behind them.  The restaurant reported that the giving continued for the next 42 cars.  Isn't that awesome!!

So, here on, we're going to highlight some Pay it Forward stories. 

If you have an example of someone that is reaching out to someone in their community, on their own, then send it to me at

I'll highlight you and your story here on the blog, and we'll get you a spot LIVE on the radio show Thursdays, or Fridays, until Christmas. 

Let's get to it, and PAY IT FORWARD!!

(if you want to hear the archived radio show from today, be sure to check it out on iTunes under the KORKAST netowrk, Ryan Dobson, and CastleRock Radio.)

Let me know what you think

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