Elnido with kids

It's the first Trip of it's kind!!  We're FUSING camping, mission work, and SPRING BREAK!! 

We're flying to paradise.
Working with local people.
Spending time learning Christian Worldview Principles.
Serving the community.

If you're interested in joining us, we've only got about 20 spots left until we're absolutely full!! 

WHERE:  http://www.elnidoresorts.com
WHEN:  March 13-21
COST:  $3,000.00 all inclusive from L.A.
WHO:  The KIVU family. 

Come join me as we partner with a local mission organization http://www.caremin.com, to help change the face of poverty in El Nido Town, Philippines. 

We're excited to have you. 

If you're interested in going, we need to know soon.  Contact Jamie at jamiejo@campkivu.com for more details. 

God bless, and let's go have some fun together serving our community. 

Let me know what you think

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