Lagen - Water Cottages

We're still working on filling up our trip to the Philippines in March. 

If you're looking for something to do for spring break…
If you're looking to take a vacation/mission trip…
If you want to see a new part of the world…
If you want to bring your whole family on a trip to help the poor…
And have a good time doing it…

Come join us for KIVU Philippines.

March 13-21
$3000K all inclusive from LAX
Camping activities fused with mission oriented purpose filled adventure
We're locking arms with
Register today at

Can't wait to see you there!!


  1. Andy,
    I am really interested in the Philippines trip this spring. But I read about it on the Kivu website and I am confused as to whether it is a mission trip or a vacation? I’d love to do mission work in the Philippines, but I’m not sure if that’s what the trip is or if it’s more of a vacation with Kivu. Let me know where I can find more information! Thanks!
    Allie Wagner

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