I don't know if you remember, but a few months ago I wrote about a bike race i had the chance to go and be a part of.  It was called the Leadville 100.  It happens every year in the little town of Leadville Colorado, and it's become one of the most epic Mt. Bike races in the world. 

100 miles
14,000 vertical feet of climbing
All over 9,000 ft. of elevation.

It's brutal.

Well, my dear friend Mary, the executive director of Trails 2000, invited Jamie Jo and I to the premiere last night at Fort Lewis College of a film called Race Across the Sky.  In attendance was the promoter of the Leadville 100, Lance Armstrong (7 time Tour de France winner), David Weins (6 time Leadville champion), Travis Brown (2000 Olympic Mt. Bike team for USA), and Matt Shriver (Coach of Ft. Lewis College cycling team here in Durango.) 

Mary did a fantastic job pulling this global premiere together, and this is a portion of what we saw.

If you see the movie, you'll notice, there's a wonderful story of persecution, pain, suffering, and triumph.  It's not like any bike racing movie I've ever seen. 

There's even one point in the film, when Lance is riding past the other riders.  They're encouraging him, cheering him on, and the narration goes something like this…

"this race is different from any other race.  people encouraging each other the whole way.  it's so disappointing when you ride past the last rider, because then…you're all alone." -Lance Armstrong-


It's the story of humanity. 
We are built to be together.
Whether it's through a spiritual communion.
Or a silly bike race in Leadville.

Something is intrinsic about living life together!!

Let me know what you think

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