Thanks to you guys who commented yesterday.  I got a swarm of e-mails asking questions like, "What are you guys doing in the Philippines?"  to "Is it safe over there?"

So, I just wanted to take a few days here at AndyBraner.com to show you our philosophy behind mission work.

Let me start by saying, We are FOR SURE interested in the safety of our kids as we travel all over the globe.  In fact, I've personally taken my 4 children to the exact same spot we are going in the Philippines in March. 


Are there bad things that happen in the Philippines?  Sure there are.  

But just turn on your local news station today, and you can see bad stuff happening in your own home town. 

We are committed to making sure there is ample security for a group of this size as we travel internationally.  We understand that children are our treasures, and we have no intention to expose kids to a place where they might be in any more danger than they are in anywhere in their own backyard.  

With that said, the place we're going is incredible.  Here is our kids having a blast!!!


We believe that the mission of kids going overseas should be one of service.

This trip, we'll stay in a nice facility, offered to us at an unbelievable price, but our goal is to serve the needs of people. 

So here's a video from one of our former trips to Guatemala. I hope this gives you a little flavor of what we're trying to accomplish. 

If you want to join us, be sure to call 970-884-1100, and talk with Julie. She'd love to get you on the list for March 13-21

Let me know what you think

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