Probably the most familiar story in all the Bible, Jesus walks on Water.  The account written in Matthew is where I was today, and it was AMAZING!! 

I've read this story thousands of times before.  I mean, think about it, when anyone talks about Jesus, somewhere in their conversation they talk about how He walked on water, right?  It's the most inconceivable action, to watch a man, a human man, defy the laws of gravity and physics.  And it wasn't just walking on water that was the miracle. 

Matthew 14 says the waves and the winds were 'buffeting' the ship, and the disciples were scared to death when they saw the ghost-like figure of Jesus walking toward them. 

Can you imagine?

Out on the sea.
Little bitty boat.
Filled with 12 men.
No one took roll to see if Jesus was in the boat or not.
The winds are whipping the sails.
The waves are crashing over the sides.
Water, salt, cold, basically the worst part of the Discovery Channel's show Deadliest Catch.

Then all of the sudden
Someone shouts, "Look! There! In the Distance."
The fear of the elements is now amplified by the fear of ghostly figures dancing in the distance.
"Take courage.  It is I.  Do not be afraid." (v.27)

REALLY???  I'd be scared to DEATH!

"Lord if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water." Peter shouted.
"Come." Jesus replied.

You know the story. 

Peter stepped out of the boat looking toward Jesus and then when He realized the waves and the wind were a part of the circumstance, he looked down and began to sink.  The fear was invited back into the experience, "Lord Save me!"

"Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?"(v.31)


Why did you doubt?

If I were Peter, it would probably go something like this…

"Jesus?  Did you see the waves, the wind, the danger all around?  We could drown out here!"

"But didn't you…"

"Jesus, now don't get me wrong, but this sea is dangerous.  In fact I've seen fishermen fall overboard and die right here in this spot.  These storms are no trivial matter.  We don't even have a life preserver on the boat anymore."

"But haven't you…"

"Can you just stop for a minute?  Look, I've been here before.  I've seen the danger with my own eyes.  I've talked to the widows and had to break the news that their husbands were never coming back, because they were careless…"

"Peter, how much more do I have to prove to you that you'll be ok?  You're walking on water!"

And then it sinks in. 

No matter the danger.
No matter the fear.
No matter the circumstances blowing their harsh reality all around me.
No matter the history.
No matter the point of reference.

God can defy it all!

He can bend the laws of physics.
He can change the past.
He can hear our cry.
He can sense our pain.
He can lift us up, out of the danger.
He can give the unthinkable, reality.

May we not doubt God's caring love for us. 
May we settle into a place where the norm is simply a historical problem
May we keep our focus on Him, and trust in His plan. 
May fear and worry take a backseat to the victory God has planned for us.  

What happens when the waves look too big?  YOU SINK.

So stop looking!

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