CrazyloveIn Chapter 3, Chan asks us about Loving God.  Where do we get the ability to love God?  And, what frame of reference does someone need in order to love Him?

It's so sad today, as so many people have a poor fatherly image.  When the phrase 'God the Father' is used in scripture, the only images they can come up with are one's of abuse, neglect, or downright poor feelings. 

It's no fault of their own. 

Words mean things.

Phrases in our lives cojure up images that , quite frankly, are impossible to rid from our life experience. 

We are who we are because of our life's experiences. 

So the trick in understanding who God is, centers around our ability to re-fashion the images we have of a loving father.  We have to seek with almost a purity of idea, casting aside the old, and looking at the way God is described in the Bible.  It's the only way we can fall in love with a God apart from our own personal way points set inside our personal GPS.

I invite you today to seek that God. 
I encourage you today, to look for a God that has an identity outside your experience.
I hope for you today, that you can fall in love with a God who loves you enough to sacrifice Himself, that you might have life. 

This book is simpe, yet profound.  I encourage you to pick it up. 

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  1. The “father” issue can actually be a way out (eventually) of a lot of pain. Seeing your “real Father” is so very different. Seeing him lift up his robes running to YOU. Placing the robe around you and throwing a party out of sheer love for you.
    Ww learn the most about God as Father in the Gospel of John. Without that Gospel we would know very little.
    Best to you Andy on your trip. We’ll talk when you get back.

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