This is the 1000th post here at AndyBraner.com, and as I've been watching this sneak up on me, I kept thinking, "What am I going to write about when I get to 1000?"

It's monumental for me.
I don't know if I've written 1000 pages of anything in my life.
But because you guys have been faithful to read, I just kept plugging along!

Well, here on the 1000th post, I dedicate today to my new SON!!

Jean de Dieu is a little 6 year old boy in Rwanda.  He's been going to school up at a boarding school that takes orphans to make sure they get a head start in their education while they wait on a mom or a dad to come and take them in. 

Yesterday we got the final travel papers!!  Jean de Dieu is coming HOME!!!

As I start this travel season with a little sadness in my heart as I'm missing some quality family time, I have a new hope that Braner Party of 7 is on. 

Jamie Jo is getting set to head to Kigali on October 31, to walk through the final government processes in Rwanda, and then he'll start hanging with the Braners in the middle of November.  I can't hardly wait.  I got a new son!!

Thanks for all you that have been praying for this time.
Thanks for supporting the AnNi T-shirt company.
Thanks for donating your time to help, your financial resources to make this happen, and most of all…

Thanks for your friendship.

It's gonna be fun watching Jean grow up, adopted as one of our own, just like God intended.  (James 1:27)


  1. We are truly happy for the Braners! Congrats Andy on your new boy!! I only wish we were closer to share his homecoming with you. We’ll be following your journey closely. Blessings – The Gillmans

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