Ladies and Gentlemen, we are releasing a video everyday this week to show you the KIVU program guys at their finest.  If you'd like to see what all is going down, be sure to check out our YouTube channel at KIVU YouTube and you'll be ushered into an unbelievable experience.  

It's so fun to re-cap all that happened over the summer, so if you're a KIVU camper, or just someone wanting a taste and feel of KIVU, come join the fun.

If you want to join us next summer…

1.  You have to be 13-18 years old (sorry mom and dad)

2.  You have to want to HAVE FUN!

3.  You have to want to meet people from all over the world.

4.  You have to REGISTER SOON.  Our terms are filling up fast, so if you think you might want to spend a while out here in Durango Colorado Be sure to check out the website at The KIVU website.

Just click on the links in this article, and they'll take you right there.

Until then…here's a little preview of some cool things coming down the pike.

Let me know what you think

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