Have you seen this?  The Che/Jesus icon?  I know most of you live in "normal" regions of the U.S., but I'm now dwelling out here in a Colorado Mountain town.  The conversations are unlimited.  Everyone wants to talk religion, and what it means to 'get it right' in the sphere of Spirituality.  I saw this poster and thought.."hmmm.

Che Guevara was instrumental in the Cuban revolution that led Fidel Castro to power.  His image can be seen on college campuses all over the U.S. as a calling for revolutionary thinking.  So when I saw this Che-Jesus, I was interested.  Why would we see Jesus as a Cuban Revolutionary?


Or what about this one…The Obama/Jesus.  I've heard political pundits call Barack Obama the next Jesus for this generation. His charisma, and seeming need to 'change' the status quo in Washington have led many to equate his historic presidency to that of a Messiah.


Or what about the pop-Jesus.  This 'buddy' Jesus has been on a lot of Teenage Friendly literature, and you can find it all over the internet.  The image brings to bear more of a Jesus who would give you a high five after your favorite football team scored a touchdown.

These icons of Jesus are indicative of a culture trying to find meaning in life.  It's almost as if we've taken the idea of Jesus, and put our own spin on Him. And nothing could be more dangerous. 

Jesus is not an idea.
He's not to be put in a position to meet our ideas.
Jesus is a real person.

He's the Son of God.
The Firstborn over all creation.
He's the Alpha and the Omega.
Born of a Virgin.
Lived 33 years of ministry.
Crucified on a cross.
Defeated death by raising on the third day.

Jesus is not a manufactured production, He's God.

I guess the reason these icons are throwing me for a loop, is because it shows how our culture has hijacked the real meaning behind the concept of God.

We can't simply put our image of what we think God should be into a picture or a painting.

We have to go to the Scriptures, and allow the God of the Universe to define Himself. 

Our interpretation of how God functions in the world should come from the Bible, not from our own wishful thinking or cultural trends. 

May we be a people to find the Real Jesus.
May we not bow to cultural pressures to re-create Jesus.
May we find the truth of God in the one who 'became flesh, and dwelt among us.'

Let's discover the true revolutionary.  The human part of the Godhead…His name is above all names.  His name is..Jesus.

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