Last night I was watching the MTV video Music Awards.  Not because I'm a big fan of MTV, as much as I think it somewhat my responsibility to see what in the world is happening in the world of pop culture.  The annual MTV event usually conjures up some sort of controversy I think that shows us where our culture is, and how people respond to different situations. 

So I'm watching this deal last night, and Taylor Swift is nominated for the best video of the year.  She wins.  She comes to the platform to accept her award, and Kanye West steps up on stage, takes the mic from her hand, and basically shouts out that Beyonce's video is better.

What in the world?

I couldn't believe it.  It was like watching a pre-schooler on the playground, stomp up to someone playing, and steal the ball away. 

That's it.  If for no other reason than this guy is so wrapped up in himself, that he thinks he can just interrupt the biggest moment of an artists career, and come off like it was nothing…

Well, I guess it tells you the nature of our culture. 

It's all about me.
It's all about what I think.
It's all about disrespect.
It's all about what you can do to attract attention to yourself.

I think we should call on a total boycott of all Kanye West albums. 


Watch this, and tell me what you think.

Embedded video from href="">CNN Video


  1. His music is purchased because he embodies the idea of “independence without consequence” – which, as you can imagine, is highly popular with the 12-18 group….which ironically he depends on.
    Unfortunately this “idea” will soon be brought to ruin, at which point, another will take its place continuing the cycle of idolatry.
    But we have a jealous God.
    “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10

  2. Kanye West doesn’t care about anything except for Kanye West…and sunglasses. He is a bum. I enjoy his music, especially his last album, but he continues to act like a 6-year-old when he is in public. He makes it harder and harder to listen to his stuff. He has made a living making beats and rhymes and that makes him feel entitled to be the voice of this generation? Lord save us from our own voice.

  3. I’m glad Taylor got a chance to speak because of Beyoncé’s generosity. I never listened to Kanye and will never support anything he’s involved with or associated to. I’m glad you are preparing a generation that has a different mindset and outlook on the world Andy! That I will support any day!

  4. i thought that he was just being a big drama queen and im not sure if it was a black vs white with him or what. I feel really bad for taylor AND beyonce. If look into taylors eyes when kanye west stole the mic, she was about to cry. the only good thing that came of this was jay lenos show which had kanye west appering. i use to be in love with his song heartless but not anymore. ughhhh i feel so sorry for taylor. WE ❤ YOU TAYLOR!!!!!

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