There's no question, I live in the sweetest part of the U.S. now.  I mean Durango to Denver is as easy as waking up, rolling out of bed, and there you are!!  It's awesome.  no more 1.5 hour drives to the Springfield airport.  The people in Durango know me already, and it's only 1 gate.  

I'm telling you, when it works…it works SMOOTH!!

But when it doesn't…it doesn't, and that's ok too.

I've been delayed on every flight I've been on so far today, and now here I sit in Chicago waiting for the next delayed booking.  but you know the coolest part of it??

I got a chance to hang with an camp family on the delay from Denver to Chicago.  
The people at the Men at the Cross Event are being cool.
The guy I sat next to on the plane was really interested in ministry.  
It has been a great day.

Normally I'd be clawing myself out of this airport, but God is giving me a special hint of grace today.

Don't you love that!

When God decided to give you an extra dose of patience, isn't it an awesome thing to feel peace, rather than feel anxiousness.

Well, at the end of the day, I've got no explanation, other than God is good, and is well comforting my soul.  I pray He's working on yours today as well!!  

Keep the faith!

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